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Customized and Confidential Media Training and Coaching

Ed Shiller's CriticalPath Media Training will prepare you to face any interview with confidence, poise and credibility. ...more.

Public Workshops and Live Webinars

There is no more cost-efficient way to attain your goals and objectives than through dynamic communications. Ed Shiller's communications workshops and webinars will better enable you to reach the people upon whom your well being depends with the right message at the right time. ...more.

Communications Consulting

Are you caught in the roiling waters of crisis and controversy . . . struggling with the challenge of producing a comprehensive strategic communications plan . . . in need of additional expertise to successfully complete a single communications project or navigate through an extended period of heightened communications activity?

Whether you require an expert for a single consultation or a long-term relationship, Ed Shiller Communications can work with you to provide an effective and cost-efficient solution. ...more.

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Ed Shiller's Latest Book

In the Spotlight: The Essential Guide to Giving Great Media Interviews is a must for anyone who wants to face the media with poise, confidence and credibility. ...more.

Meet Ed Shiller

Ed Shiller has earned distinction as a journalist, public relations consultant, workshop leader and media trainer. His journalism career spanned 15 years, during which he held senior editorial positions with The New York Times News Service, Reuters News Agency, Radio Denmark and The Toronto Star. ...more.