Live Webinars

Attaining Spokesperson Excellence

A live Webinar with Ed Shiller

This dynamic webinar is a must for spokespersons or those who coach them.:

It will enable you to:

  • Deliver your speaking points in a relaxed, credible, sympathetic and confident manner in any kind of media interview with any kind of reporter.
  • Develop those mindsets that will result in the most effective nonverbal communications.
  • Think on your feet even during the most threatening of media encounters.
  • Overcome the anxiety often associated with giving interviews by developing the necessary confidence and skill.

Topics include:

  • Building your relationship with the media.
  • The Seven Axioms for effective interviews.
  • Special pointers for TV, radio and print interviews and for interviews over the phone, in your office and in the broadcast studio.
  • How to navigate the perils of news conferences and scrums.
  • How to field challenging questions with confidence and composure.
  • You'll also be able to ask Ed questions and share any comments you might have throughout the webinar via a live chat room.


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