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Evaluating Media Coverage

If you ve been searching for an arithmetic tool that will objectively and numerically evaluate your overall media relations program and its individual initiatives, then this half-day workshop is just what you want.

Ed Shiller has developed a set of formulas that use simple addition, subtraction and multiplication to establish benchmarks for each media initiative, to measure the degree to which the initiative fell short of, met or exceeded those benchmarks and then to measure how each initiative stacks up against all others.

Evaluating Your media Coverage will explain how the formulas work and how you can use the results to demonstrate the effectiveness of your media relations program to senior management.

Topics include:

  • The 12-step Critical Path at a glance
  • What makes a story newsworthy
  • Establishing media coverage expectations and benchmarks
  • Applying Ed s formulas to quantify those expectations and benchmarks and to evaluate the actual media coverage your initiative received


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