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Writing Effective News Releases

A hands-on, one-day workshop for those responsible for writing, evaluating or approving news releases. The program covers the basics of style and content to maximize the use of your news release by the media.

You will acquire the knowledge and skills needed to identify newsworthy topics, to identify and counter negative points that the media might raise and to incorporate your message into well written news releases that will be noticed and used by newspapers, radio and television.


  • The vital role of the news release in your communications arsenal.
  • The news release as good journalism.
  • What makes your news release newsworthy.
  • The Critical Path for planning your news release to ensure that the topic is newsworthy AND will help your organization attain its objectives.
  • How to format a news release.
  • The eight signposts of an effective news release.
  • The difference between the "spot news" release and the "feature news" release.
  • Writing news releases from speeches and other reports.
  • Workshop -- planning, writing and critiquing a news release


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