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Enhancing the News Value of Your Story

Most of the stories for which you seek coverage are only moderately newsworthy and will have difficulty competing for exposure in the print and broadcast media. This half-day workshop explores ways in which "soft" stories can be "hardened" to legitimately enhance their news value.


  • What makes a story newsworthy
    • Relevance (impact, timeliness, proximity, credbility)
    • Topicality
    • Human interest
    • Controversy
  • How to increase newsworthiness by using:
    • Speaking engagements
      • Finding the appropriate speaking platforms
      • Writing the speech and accompanying news release
      • Inviting the media
      • Getting your media kit to editors and reporters
    • Special events
      • Identifying appropriate events
      • Preparing and distributing an effective media kit
      • Accommodating the media at the event
    • One-on-one interviews
      • Identifying your news peg
      • Writing and distributing the news release and appropriate backgrounders
      • Calling the media to arrange for the interviews
      • Preparing for the interviews
    • Op-ed page articles
      • Identifying appropriate topics and media
      • Writing and distributing the articles to the media
    • "Self-help" or "how to" articles for community newspapers and technical articles for trade publications
      • Identifying topics and publications
      • Contacting editors
      • Writing the articles
      • Distributing the articles
  • News conferences: When and how to hold them


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