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Lots of great content and some good reading when I got home. I appreciated being able to interact on matters specific to my own situation. Ed's experience comes through in his broad range of real life examples. This helped ground the material and give application to the teaching. Information (in the workshop handouts) was well laid out, easy to understand, and helpful for future use.
Ken Schwanke, MacEwan University

Ed, you are a wealth of information!! Thank you for sharing your experience and expertise. I hope to take another workshop soon.
Emilie Faucher, Department of National Defence

Very good use of examples to help illustrate points. Very dynamic & enjoyable to listen to.
Jason Broadbent, Department of National Defence

I found the content extremely relevant and I wish I had it a week earlier, when I was drafting my communications strategy. I enjoyed the real life examples given by Mr. Shiller. It is helpful to see the principles discussed applied in the real world.
Janet Charron, University College of the North

Excellent! Very helpful examples of valid situations that I can refer back to. Made me feel more confident in future media situations.
Jennifer Underhill, Mercer Human Resource Consulting

Love having working experience link with theory. (Ed Shiller) is very knowledgeable and interesting. Adjusts contents to our specific needs.
Johanne Provost, Human Resources and Social Development Canada

Comprehensive, interactive and fun.
Julian Morelli, Human Resources and Social Development Canada

Ed has high energy, well-spoken, pleansant. He made the day interesting with many examples and stories relevant to the workshop. They day went by quickly.
Carolyn McCormack, Farmers Dairy

I appreciated the use of real-life examples and anecdotes to strengthen arguments. (Ed is) very experienced and knowledgable. Easy-going, laid back manner lends to more discussions between participants.
Bonnie Dean, CNW Group

Presented in a very informal and practical manner. Ed's anecdotal stories allowed the session to remain colourful throughout. Thanks!
Gary Kent, City of Mississauga

I was very pleased with both the extent of the material covered and the quality of the mentorship given. The workshop (The Do's and Don'ts of Dealing With the Media)will be very valuable to me in my future encounters with the media.
Lianne Appleby, Chicken Farmers of Ontario

The discussions confirmed my practices and introduced new ideas. It also gave me ideas for new media campaigns down the road - in fact, I've already presented the in-class exercize! I like your sense of humour, your obvious knowledge of and experience in the industry. You made me feel welcome to add my comments and suggestions. I've already used my workbook and the larger bound material to develop a key plan.
Cathy Schlender, Air Canada Component

Relevant content, memorable form - the best of both worlds in a flexible format for questions. (Ed Shiller is) flexible, open-minded, humble, engaging, entertaining, informative - a pro with heart - a living example.
Julie Douglas, Norske Canada

Ed gives you the 'goods' straight. Comprehensive and informative! The information will assist my organization in developing a communications plan, including a crisis communications plan. Ed is extremely knowledgeable. He draws upon his vast experience and shares it with the participants. (On Preparing for Media Interviews)Ed provided me valuable information and tools on preparing for media interviews. . . . He gave me useful tips & suggestions relevant to my organization.
Margaret Eagle, Peace Country Development Corporation

Ed, your incredible depth of experience adds a wonderful 'real' component to the concepts and theories of communications. It is helpful to hear experienced stories about how and why things work or don't.(On Writing Effective News Releases)This combination of theory and practical work was a very effective learning process for me. The added value of following throu on others' examples was also very helpful.
Andrea Thain Liptak, David Thompson Health Region

I thought the flow of the conversation was excellent. It allowed for everyone's ideas and experiences to be looked at. All the information was well organized and clear. I like how (Ed) referred to personal experiences. Funny, relaxed - created good learning environment. (The course materials were) well prepared - will use as a future reference.
Eleni Tsokas, Corus Entertainment

Answered a lot of my questions and made me see another side of the industry. Ed has great life experience that helps by giving relevant examples & is open-minded.
Stephanie Mercier, Walt Disney World Parks & Resorts

Overall the course is great to experience. (Ed is) excellent, very passionate, voice of experience. Great about going through the specific examples that we the participants have.
Brian Yott, Recohem Inc.

(Ed Shiller's) background knowledge and experience are varied and plentiful. Refreshing to see someone in our field take the moral high ground in respect to many of these issues. Appreciated your openness and attempts to relate issues directly to different participants.
Dan Pilon, Nigara Public Health Department

I appreciated the 'hands-on' approach to learning with plenty of real-life examples. It is very concrete. (Ed is) dynamic, credible, well-informed.
Beth Keeping, Canadian Dental Association

I thought the content was very relevant to my job responsibilities. Several of Ed's viewpoints flew in the face of what I thought I knew. It was a real mind opener.
Jayne Russell, The Co-operators

(Ed is) clearly knowledgeable & experienced & able to impart practical, very useful information. Respected very much ethical approach.
Gail Vandermeulen, Ontario Association of Children's Aid Societies

(Generating Positive Media Coverage is) one of the most informative and comprehensive workshops I've attended. A must for any media or communications person looking to enhance their knowledge base. (Ed Shiller) knows the topics, information well and had excellent use of real-life situations. Brought in each of the attendees' cases in illustrating a point. Comprehensive package (of course materials) that includes excellent reference material. Especially helpful in my work is sample book of programs and initiatives as reference material.
Roger M. D'Cunha, Region of Waterloo

Course was extremely comprehensive and informative. Ed's extensive experience in media relations brought interesting insights to the discussion.
Janet Feasby, Advertising Standards Council

I liked the systematized and original way in which the PR function was presented.
Yvon Doyle, Bureau du Quebec a Toronto

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