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Enjoyed personal comments that brought rules and guidelines to life. (Ed Shiller) encourages participation in discussion - good.
Patricia Crowdis, Atlantic Health Sciences Corporation

Great. Lots of examples to draw from which relates information very practically . Lots of info that I'll use daily. I find your delivery entertaining and informative.
Sherry MacDougall, Department of Fisheries and Tourism

Delivers on the advertised goods.
Robert T. Butt, Royal Canadian Legion

Excellent. You've opened new areas for me to explore with respect to media relations.
Dick Smyth, Alliance of Manufacturers and Exporters Canada

Wonderful knowledge - practical - great tips. As a rookie to the field, I found your examples & topics will help me better set my goals & understand my role. You're very personable, approachable & positive - encourage new ideas - give me a lot to think about.
Jackie Kennedy, Credit Union Central of Nova Scotia

Covered a wide variety of media relation subjects. Very informative from how to get started . . . to achieving and generating positive media coverage.
Christina Walker, Bell Mobility

Your high level of experience is a real benefit to the course. Also well animated.
Ben Girard, Canadian Air Traffic Control Association

Material will be useful and is relevant to my work.
Julian F. Wilson, Indian Affairs and Northern Development Canada

I thought Ed Shiller was very dynamic and had an excellent background, which he was able to apply & share with the different publics represented during the workshop. Used good examples.
Pamela Kennedy, Brandselite International Corporation

"You managed to boil this all down to ethical common sense. Much of this will be very useful in my day-to-day job. I feel empowered to be able to make decisions.
Charlene Cummings, Conference Board of Canada

Every part of the course comes back to the all-important 'Critical Path.' It was great that so much time was spent on content & attitude towards the media. I found this most helpful. The strength of Ed as a leader comes from his vast experience both in PR & in journalism. We were able to learn through his many examples & how this related to our industries.
Cathy Thomson, Estee Lauder Cosmetics

Focused. Very informed. Very Experienced. [Ed Shiller] linked course material to our own situations effectively and in an entertaining way. Video presentations gave a microscopic view of our ability to handle interviews. Eye opening.
John Thornton, Toronto Stock Exchange

Well organized, easy to follow, relevant, succinct.
Victoria Pickering, Sandoz Canada Inc.

Just exactly what I was looking for. [Ed Shiller is] relaxed, affable, ethical. Interesting speaker, holds attention, and highly, highly knowledgeable.
Heidi Croot, Extendicare Health Services Inc.

An excellent presentation. Of enormous benefit for practical 'hands-on' media comprehension.
Doug Ford, Gainers Incorporated

The 'Critical Path' approach is, and will be, a great guide in my dealings with the media. The course has given me the knowledge, therefore the confidence, to face just about any situation."
Tony Fragomeni, Workers Compensation Board -- Alberta

Great to get the info from someone who knows both the media and the corporate side.
Ingrid Vabalis, Northern Telecom

Thorough and well researched. [Ed Shiller is] likable, relaxed, well spoken and easy to extract information from. Very approachable!
Hartley Strauss, TecSyn International

Ed Shiller really knows his stuff -- his experience shows every time he handles a question.
Jocelyn Wiley, Royal Ontario Museum

Impeccable, intense, stimulating presentation.
Christine McDougall, Gellman Hayward & Partners

Very practical. Excellent credibility
Judy Willems, Niagara Peninsula Industry Education Council

Definitely good value for $.
Margot J. Alward, RP Research Foundation

All areas thoroughly covered in relation to my needs. Excellent variety and practical 'where-rubber-meets-the-road' advice on media relations and crisis communications. . . . Makes learning fun as well as interesting.
John Yoannou,

Lots of information. Found that the topics discussed helped to 'plant seeds' for communication/media plans.
Wendy Kubota,

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