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(Ed Shiller's) background knowledge and experience are varied and plentiful. Refreshing to see someone in our field take the moral high ground in respect to many of these issues. Appreciated your openness and attempts to relate issues directly to different participants.
Dan Pilon, Nigara Public Health Department

I appreciated the 'hands-on' approach to learning with plenty of real-life examples. It is very concrete. (Ed is) dynamic, credible, well-informed.
Beth Keeping, Canadian Dental Association

I thought the content was very relevant to my job responsibilities. Several of Ed's viewpoints flew in the face of what I thought I knew. It was a real mind opener.
Jayne Russell, The Co-operators

(Ed is) clearly knowledgeable & experienced & able to impart practical, very useful information. Respected very much ethical approach.
Gail Vandermeulen, Ontario Association of Children's Aid Societies

(Generating Positive Media Coverage is) one of the most informative and comprehensive workshops I've attended. A must for any media or communications person looking to enhance their knowledge base. (Ed Shiller) knows the topics, information well and had excellent use of real-life situations. Brought in each of the attendees' cases in illustrating a point. Comprehensive package (of course materials) that includes excellent reference material. Especially helpful in my work is sample book of programs and initiatives as reference material.
Roger M. D'Cunha, Region of Waterloo

Course was extremely comprehensive and informative. Ed's extensive experience in media relations brought interesting insights to the discussion.
Janet Feasby, Advertising Standards Council

I liked the systematized and original way in which the PR function was presented.
Yvon Doyle, Bureau du Quebec a Toronto

Interesting and valuable information that had a practical application. (Ed Shiller has an) honest and relaxed style that led to an open discussion among participants. The leader's review of the mock interviews was handled in a nonthreatening manner that was very revealing.
Bruce Carr, City of Mississauga

Extremely knowledgeable in the field. Offers great advice and ideas. His personal experience lends to a greater understanding of his points.
Anna Basile, YTV Canada Inc.

Topical and informative with excellent examples. (Ed Shiller is) top notch, authoritative, knowledgable & has an excellent background which brings the info home.
Les Mate, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation

Insightful and educational. Generously sprinkled with real-life situations and examples related to workbook materials. (Ed Shiller is) a positive, interactive, experienced educator.
John MacDougall, News Canada

Ed Shiller has forgotten more about the media business than most of us know. His material is based on sound basics but his personal experiences offer the intagible benefits that can't be put on paper. I was impressed with his experiences and instinct
Mark Kastner, Alberta Children

Ed Shiller takes generating positive media coverage to a level that makes it a learning experience for even the most seasoned public relations practitioner.
Paul Reesor, Toronto Hydro

Watch out when the jacket comes off! Ed gives a lot of great insight into how to create a story. When he's challenged, is when the greatest information comes out. He's very passionate & that makes him an effective communicator.
Diana Andonovski, The Easter Seal Society

Excellent content . . . Great examples used to demonstrate each point. (Ed Shiller was) able to generate thought-provoking discussions amongst group. All opinions were validated. Able to lead to the way that the group wanted to go so that all questions were answered. Handouts will be excellent resource guides as I progress in my position.
Ann Dennis, Shoppers Drug Mart

Passionate. Seasoned. Cutting-edge style. Excellent.
Paul Baker, Ontario Northland Transportation Commission

I was confident at all times in the expertise and direction of the workshop. I also really like the 'real-life' tie in's and the fact that you risked showing your controversial views.
Tim Arnold, Niagara Employment Alliance

Totally relevant for both myself and the agency I operate.
Heather Hunter, Hamilton East Community Services

Very good content, covered a wide range of topics. Great leader, very dynamic, stories all relevant to the message.
Greg Smith, Basketball Ontario

Very interesting to hear not just 'theory' but actual real-life experiences. Being familiar/experienced with media relations, I still was able to pick up/learn quite a bit of information/pointers from this workshop. . . . Very straightforward. I really enjoyed (not necessarily agree 100% with you) but appreciated your experience & opinions/principles. Method of presentation very good & effective.
Diane Mihalek, McManus Elliott Communications Inc.

Very relevant to present job. (Ed Shiller is) very experienced & used real-life situations - challenging to candidates - made sound suggestions.
Francine Sicotte, Health Canada

Very informative & useful! Particularly appreciated the 'hands-on' portion with the news release exercise - very helpful. (Ed Shiller is) very credible - interesting - experienced - enthusiastic.
Andrea Patenaude, Templeton Management Limited

Informative with excellent examples - international, national & regional. Presented with enthusiasm.
Larry Pardy, Indian Affairs and Northern Development Canada

Lots of excellent tips for planning successful media relations. Very, very good stuff.
Gary Sandberg, Alberta Association of Municipal Districts & Counties

Good, solid practical information. I like the 'axiom,' ethics-based approach.
Wendy Grosfield, Alberta Association of Municipal Districts

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